I have contemplated starting FETCH for about a year. I’ve reached out to friends, family, and mentors about the concept of a lifestyle management firm. About 90% of the people I asked about starting this business [FETCH] thought it was a great idea. So, here we go… FETCH is officially live {big sigh}.

FETCH is devoted to personal organization and small business development. FETCH is here to help you remain organized so that you have time to do what you want to do. For many of us, the work-life balance and the 40-hour work week are fleeting concepts. ¬†Running errands, preparing for life’s events, and personal organization is getting increasingly overwhelming. FETCH provides the asistance to help you maximize your free time. FETCH will run errands, help you prepare for events, and organize your personal life. FETCH can also assist with development processes for small businesses.

Recently, I worked for a Houston based investment bank. I was the Executive Assistant to the CEO, CFO, and the office manager for over 5 years. My timing and luck met perfectly in 2006 when I interviewed for the position. I had prior experience at another investment bank, so when I was on my way to the interview, I have to admit, I knew this opportunity was in the bag. What I did NOT immediately realize was that we were about to build a company and I would be the ONLY administrative arm in the beginning stages of this process. “How hard could this be, right?” During the next few years I ran around like a crazy person. We built-out space (two floors) including wiring for phone and internet, constructed policies, chose marketing materials, built websites, liaised between merging companies, hired some of the smartest guys in any room (seriously), and much much much more. My days and nights were consumed with the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up company. I loved the problem solving, the assisting, the organization techniques… I loved all of it.¬†Everything I have learned from my previous work experience has been truly rewarding. So, I’m taking my experience with me and beginning my own start-up. I now have FETCH which currently encompasses all of the techniques I have learned so far. I look forward to adding to my experience!

I hope you call on FETCH soon and of course contact us often.

Talk soon,