Jessica Alba recently wrote THE HONEST LIFE.  This book is full of so many great tips for every day clean living.  Her inspiration for writing this book is clearly her family and being a mom.  Personally, I am a single girl with no kiddos.  However, I found plenty of tidbits in this book that I’ll use.  So, whether you’re a parent, a spouse, both… or a single girl like me, this book will be a staple.  I will be carrying this book in my everyday tote along with my other daily essentials (project files, laptop, measuring tape, etc) so that I can refer to it as often as I want to!

Honest Life Pages

Jessica relates to everyone in this book with snippets of advice.  I have to say… if Jessica Alba is giving advice and there is a slim chance I can follow it and look like this:



As Jessica says in her book, “You can read this book cover to cover, jump around to the topics that interest you most, or just stick it in your tote bag and pull it out whenever you have a question about the best lead-free lipstick or kid-friendly recipe.”

Happy reading!


SPRING SPRUCE UP (Guest Post by Sam Penner)

Hi FETCH readers!  Sam here, from the interior design and lifestyle blog, The Peak of Tres Chic.  When Angie asked me to pull together a few fresh ways to spruce up your home for spring, I was honored! 

Spruce Up

I am a big believer in the power of accessories to pull together a space.  I prefer to invest in neutral sofas and chairs and bring in pops of color through fun throw pillows.  Switching out your current pillows with a cheery floral or trellis pattern mixed with a solid velvet accent shade is a simple way to add life to a room.  Pillows

Orangerie Floral Throw Pillow $155 // Ariana Belle Magenta Velvet Pillow $75 // Marrakesh Mixer Aqua Throw Pillow $96

Speaking of cheery colors, this is the time to store those plain white bath linens and replace them with a bold blue or turquoise!


Anthropologie Ibiza Towel $188

This season I have continued to see a plethora of nautical and coastal-inspired accessories.  Placing a fun coral chunk on top of a stack of coffee table books or a cargo doorstop on your oft-used doors are easy ways to freshen your interiors and bring the outside indoors.

Nautical Adds

Large Sea Fan $38 // Chunky Corral on Lucite Base $50 // Cargo Doorstop $58

Finally, I love adding a little extra greenery to my home in the spring.  Place a bouquet of fresh tulips in a vase near your entryway, create a terrarium full of succulents, or simply decorate with a few potted plants.  I have this tall boxwood topiary on my bathroom sink, and it brightens my mood every time I see it.

Thanks very much Sam!  We always love + trust your interior deco skills!
Check out Sam’s blog: The Peak of Tres Chic along with her PINSPIRATION!