Are you ready for 2013?!   FETCH sure is!  We are excited that FETCH has taken off and is quickly becoming Houston’s leading lifestyle management firm.   We’ve got new clients, new projects, and a new addition to the FETCH team to bring in with the New Year.

Meet Jessica our new lifestyle consultant, who joins the team to help FETCH tackle all of our upcoming projects.  Jessica comes with a detailed knowledge and understanding of small business development and personal assistance.  Jessica has over 6 years of experience in an investment banking environment where she concentrated on high net worth client relationship management.  She has been an executive assistant, helped with website development, project management, and event management.  Jessica is also a life coach.

Jessica believes that the person who has the best ideas and vision for your business is YOU.  Together with FETCH, she provides a client focused service that is delivered with integrity and a true passion for your business to succeed.  With our level of personal attention, we can take your business to the next level.  Not to mention, she recently moved to Houston from London so she comes with a posh British accent!


Angie: How did you hear about FETCH?
Jessica:  002Houston featured FETCH in their December 2012 issue (

Angie:  What attracted you to FETCH?
Jessica:  I’ve always been excited about the idea of a lifestyle design/ management company.  After meeting Angie, I realized our values and goals aligned.  Houston’s market can greatly benefit from the services FETCH offers.  I have not come across another lifestyle management company that could better serve Houston the way FETCH will.  I feel FETCH is a unique niche business that has huge potential for growth in Houston. I like the way FETCH believes that no job is too big or too small and at the end of the day provides a service that makes people feel more valued and less stressed. 

Angie:  When working on a FETCH project, what are your top three priorities?
Jessica:  1.  Truly understand and listen to what the client needs and establish how I can help them  2. I am mindful of a client’s time.  I understand that time is a precious commodity and want to make sure that it is always spent constructively.  3.  Deliver results correctly and efficiently [and with a great attitude].

Angie:  As a life coach, how would you describe your general outlook? 
Jessica:  I aim to live my life in an authentic way, and my experience as a Life Coach has taught me the real benefits of having an open and positive outlook. I believe the greatest gift you can give someone is the quality of your attention, and that is something I am always thinking about.   We are put on this earth to contribute, and if we can do that, anything is possible.

Angie:  Anything else?
Jessica: I want to encourage any and everyone who has a need for FETCH services to reach out to us.  All initial consultations are free so there is nothing to lose. Can’t wait to meet you all!  Cheers!